The end……

My phone goes off waking me up just now. Davids calling me. His voice is really quiet, and rough.

 It breaks, ‘are you there?’ He askes omg something else bad happened. Pictures of David in the hospital pass thru my head. 

‘What’s wrong?’ I ask scared to my bones.

Friday our son in law got drunk at work. David had to call our daughter to come get him and remove him off the premises. Well, the big wigs found out. He was caught on tape, almost got hit by a forklift. 

And now, my husband and the entire company is probably loosing their jobs.

Because of uncle attacking my son last month and now this.

They only had 3 months left and we’d all be sitting pretty. But no these dumb freaks have to ruin everything!!

No I’m freaked out my husband will do something extremely stupid. I’m so scared. So scared. 


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