Thank heaven for little girls……..

From the movie GIGI

What a wonderful day today. It started out miserable,  my son came over at the crack of a rooster pounding on my door. (OK it was a nice quiet gentle knock but the dang dogs sounded like great Danes the way they carried on)

My son came over so just so I  could help him get some medical help from his kidnapping.  He has PTSD so bad it’s so sad. My heart breaks for him. He needs counseling.

After maybe an hour of calling people. He has a freak out. The first phone call, the oh so nice lady says Uncle is out on bail (GASP, panick, faint, Freak out!!!!!!!)  So we call another number and nope still not finding him in our system, the third call they found him. Thank goodness he was still in custody.

Then we call for insurance trying to get his ID, because it all got stolen in his wallet. Work couldn’t get me the info, insurance couldn’t, I had to call the detectives so they could find my sons wallet in the evidence bin and get me the insurance information. Dont you think those poor men in blue have better things to do???????

So my son ends up having a complete meltdown. He is like me and has problems talking on the phone, it’s next to impossible.  We can text but not talk. My son, having to relive the whole experience all over and on the phone was just too much today. Anyway he leaves, I feel just awful but then my daughter comes over!

It’s just her and I and we spend the next hour shopping! Yes shopping at the dollar store, who knew it could be so fun?!?!?

She sells Posh, and Younque.  I’ll be helping her as a vendor selling her merchandise,  so we had to buy all the stuff for her table and decorations and everything else. It was great just to get our minds off everything and be just a little different.  So now my head is singing……

Thank heaven, thank heaven for  little girls………….


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