What’s a family man????

Well, uncle was caught thank goodness. He was found out of state and tried to outrun the police!! (For some reason I’m thinking he was in his prius) how funny is that?!?!?!

I ended up having to message Washingtons most wanted to remove the awful comments on it. I gotta Ask you all something:

Put yourselves in these girlfriends shoes. Good looking guy, extremely charismatic. They KNOW this guy. They’re scared of him, he’s hurt them all. But still madly in love with him. It’s like he’s got them under a spell. Every few months there’s a new girlfriend. He actually tells the mother of his children, when she was in the hospital getting her cancer removed, while having MS, that she deserves to be alone, she deserves to be scared. when she told him she was scared.and he left her there by herself for days. 

What person does that? Yet she defends him and calls him a “loving family man” what family man refuses to marry the mother of his 4 children?

What mother would allow her son to rot in jail by not allowing him to say anything in order to protect her ex boyfriend?

What woman, who is a stranger and claims to be a “Christian” who is also a mother. Call up and make false accusations and false reports so a number of people looses their jobs and tries to make a company loose their clients. All for jealousy and I want to say revenge but it’s the opposite, they’re the ones doing the bad stuff and in jail. I don’t get it. I just want it all to go away.



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