As The World Turns……….

Three weeks ago it started lightly snowing. My husband and I where enjoying the final evening of the weekend watching Monk before he had to go in for work on his graveyard shift. For the first time in his ENTIRE life he turned over to look at me and declared “I’m not going to go in to work tonight, I’ll just call Sean (our son, who works with David) because he’s already there, to work my shift” .
It’s kind of a “family” business.  Sr. (my father in law) owns the mechanical company that David  (my hubby) manages.  Sean (our son) and our son in law, D.K works for them. JP, Davids younger brother, is my age. He used to work for Sr. (their dad) until he almost destroyed the company with stealing, fraud and taxes. He had lost his house, lost his office space for his own “company”, and stored all his furniture,  cars, bicycleso, motorcycles, dirt bikes, guns, camping gear, diving gear, tires, boats,  crap, you name it, everything is there at Davids work.  Just one big happy family right?!?!?

David and I get woken up Monday morning the phone says it’s DK, but it’s Sean on the other line. JP tackled him and beat him up when he was at work and stole his phone. He needed help. (Remember, JP is Sean Uncle). David told him to all police but Sean said he can’t, grandpa (Sr.)doesn’t want him to.

David and I are freaking out. David calls his dad. David immediately tells Sr., he’s calling the police. We are told “uh you don’t want to do that. JP caught Sean stealing his stuff. There’s pictures of drugs here at the job, there’s drug paraphernalia, a bunch of stuff. Pictures of Sean stealing, You really don’t want the cops involved, there’s so much proof of Sean being a heroin addict”. Then JP grabs the phone from his dad. He tells David “I just finally got you back as a brother, we where estranged for so long. Believe me David, I’d never do anything to hurt you.” Then he tells us that he caught Sean ‘red handed’ stealing his stuff. He saw Sean and another guy loading up a car with JPs boxes and when JP showed up the car drove off and Sean started running away. So he tackled Sean to the ground to stop him. David asked what kind of car and color. Jason describes the car of Seans roomie. We are starting to believe JP. Then JP says the nailer… “Sean is going to claim I hog tied him, but I didn’t. David I’d never do that”

We get ahold of Sean again (why would JP think Sean would say JP hog tied him unless he did???? And the car, well that was on Seans phone screen) JP, JP’s son (Seans cousin),and JP’s girlfriend who is also a mother and a nurse, attacked and beat my son, for over 3 hours.

We get DK to get Sean to the hospital,  no matter what anyone says or threatens. He will NOT loose his job if he gets Sean to the ER right away.

JP had suckered punched Sean, tackled him to the ground, put a knife to his throat, choked him with a noose and ziptied his hands. They dragged him from the parking lot to a caged back room where they threw Sean face down bashing his face into the cement. He eventually passed out from the noose. Seans hands where zip tied in front of him while the cousin used a “beater bar” to stretch Seans arms up over his head while the uncle sat on his back punching him and bashing his face over and over again on the cement. They threatened to Waterboard him. The girlfriend must of thought as a nurse, her time would be well spent whiping the blood from Seans face so the uncle wouldn’t get blood on him.

Sean managed to get a 911 text out to his boss and grandfather (Sr.). The cousin was standing look out by this time and saw their grandfather pull up, so they partially cut off the zip ties and forced a dazed beaten Sean to sit on a tool box while Sr. strode in asking what was going on. He asked Sean if he needed to go to the hospital which my son just shook his head. JP then bullied his father out of the room and they all left my son there sitting by himself.  They go up to the bosses office to “talk”, leaving a bloodied Sean behind, alone.

A few minutes later DK showed up and is in the lower office. Sean staggers in bloody, incoherent obviously beaten up pretty bad. DK runs up to the the main office to get Sean some help when JP, his son, and girlfriend start yelling at DK swearing and threatening him (DK). JP even starts going after DK to shut him up when Sr. gets between them and shoves JP away and tells DK to leave, to “just leave, it’s none of your business ”

DK then rushes Sean to hospital, where the hospital calls the police.

Meanwhile here at home, we are completely snowed in. Over a foot of snow. We all try to shovel it out including our neighbor who has a very weak heart. So we are stuck. We talk to Davids dad some more. Asking about this ‘evidence’ thats there. Well it’s pictures we are told. “Do you have the pictures? Can you forward them to us we’d like to see them” “no, JP has the pictures” “OK, did you see the pictures?” “Well, no, JP just said he had them” OK so you know, EVERYBODY who knows JP knows what an absolute lier he is, you can’t believe anything he says without proof. HE KNOWS THAT!!!! Yet he let’s his son walk away from jumping his grandson and tells us he has proof of Sean causing it like it’s right in front of him and We Can DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! his son JP, $4,000 to leave when he KNOWS his son physically hurt his grandson. That’s what bullying gets a person

Sorry I got off on a tangent. But here we are Worried. Scared for our son, who is alone, scared out of his mind. Felt abandoned, in shock. There was no possible way to get to my son. Do you know that guilt? It’s the worst. And my poor husband. The guilt he has for not working his shift. My son, my daughter, my daughters husband DK, and I all believe JP was after my husband. And would have in all likelihood,would have killed him. I believe my son saved my husband that night. And I believe because Sean wasn’t David, my husband, that’s why Sean is still breathing right now. Because it was Sean there, it caught JP off guard. It was premeditated,the three of them came in at least 2 separate cars. Brought a beater bar and a rope. I don’t know if the zip ties where there in the tool room or if those where brought also. Thankfully the cousin left one zip tie on my son and dropped the beater bar and rope in the office for the police to find.

JP, even with three federal crimes, overwhelming evidence of kidnapping and assault in the 1st degree is still trying to claim his innocence. If he would have just shut his mouth and quit threatening everyone and blaming everyone and quit the “witness tampering “,  it wouldn’t be half as bad as it is. But that’s for another blog. It was hard enough writing this one. But you would think if he believed he was innocent why would he harass 2 different police agencies?  Why would he be bullying people to falsely accuse my son for stealing? Why would he tamper with evidence? Witness tamper? Why would he run? Why is his son in jail with  $100,000 bail? Why does he have $400,000 bail (if he even gets it this time)

As you can probably see, my mind is in so many directions. My heart breaks for everyone.  My poor husband, loosing his brother, his nephew, my son getting hurt, his dad being devastated. My father in law, loosing his son, his grandson, his other son and grandson devastated. And hurting everyone hurting. My son being attacked so brutally by his own family, his own uncle and cousin. Who does that?????

I’m crushed and broken hearted. My daughter is crushed and broken hearted. The entire family is. Oh how I hate this pain. So I have to take some xanax right now. As I’m shaking and falling apart as a momma bear who can’t do a thing at this moment knows. I’m tired of the nightmares. Tired of waking myself up crying and yelling for help. Hopefully, here’s to a dreamless night………


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  1. I am so sorry that both of you have to go through all of this. We are praying for you both. I wish I could take all your pain away. You are very much loved by this family.

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