A “Step” through time……

As this blog goes on, you’ll notice that I’m a DISASTER  in the making. I’m constantly falling, constantly getting hurt.  Anyway this weekend my husband, David, my son Sean and I went with Davids dad to his property over the mountains. We went into hiding until JP is caught. There is only one way to get into town.

It’s an old old ranch house he is in the process of tearing down some parts and remodeling others. The kitchen walls where once the hand hewed wood that was the outside of the house. Single glass pane windows. It’s heated with a wood stove in the living area and in the kitchen, by a stand up propain heater. The living room and kitchen are separated by glass Dutch doors. There is no carpet, just a bunch of round rag rugs. The furniture is all ratty and mismatched. Sr. sleeps on a wicker “fainting” couch that looks out into the pasture to watch the deer feed. It’s a hell hole and a money pit. In another words IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

When he bought  the ranch 15/20 years ago, there was this huge tree that fell down in a storm. He had it cut and planed down and turned it into stairs for the loft it’s so beautiful and cool.

So Saturday evening I was coming down those gorgeous stairs to enjoy some family time, when all the sudden…….yup, my feet slipped right out from under me, I went tumbling down. My head connected with the log bracing up the stairs and I bite the big one. In front of everyone!

Sr. was walking out of the kitchen when he hears the THUMP THUMP THUMP, sees me crash, turns around and walks back. He’s heard enough of my graceful acrobatics and I guess was afraid to see blood. David and Sean just shake their heads when they realize I’m still alive. So here I am an overgrown lump, bawling my eyes out, on the ground at the foot of the stairs.  Humiliated, hurting and well, humiliated.

I am now sporting a goose egg sized knot on the side of my forehead. And I’m not talking about the smaller side. Nope the large round side, the side that’s over 3 inches.  Yup that’s me, always eating dust.

Oh and of course you can’t forget,  the only ice for my aching noggin, was the snow outside. How fitting, for a “step” in time.


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